Rate Your Skill and Experience from 0 to 5

Zero is none and five is a Rockstar. Please keep in mind that this is not a test or a contest, we just want to be able match your skills with potential opportunities. We also want to identify any areas that you may be interested in improving through our development programs, so don't hesitate to use those lower ratings if they apply.


Implementation and Support

CyberArk Administration *
Stand Alone Vault Installation
Clustered Vault Installation *
Authentication Configurations
Distributed Vault Installation *
CPM Installation & Troubleshooting *
PSM Installation & Troubleshooting *
PSMP Installation & Troubleshooting *
AAM/CP Installation & Troubleshooting *
AAM/CCP Installation & Troubleshooting *
Conjour Installation & Troubleshooting *



Automation and Operational Sustainment *
Solution Design *
Best Practices *

General Technical Skills

Non-CyberArk Technical Skills

Unix/Linux Server Administration *
Windows Server Administration *
Microsoft Excel *
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint *
Microsoft Visio *
PowerShell *
Python Programming *
JavaScript Programming *
Java Programming *
SQL Programming *
C# Programming *
Perl Programming *
APIs / Scripting

Soft Skills

Written Communication *
Verbal Communication *
Problem Solving *
Time Management *
Critical Thinking *
Decision Making *
Organizational Skills *
Stress Management
Conflict Management *
Leadership *
Resourcefulness *
Persuasion *
Openness to Criticism *