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We know how difficult it is when your clients want you to implement a CyberArk privileged account security system and you do not have staffing resources or expertise in this space.

You know it’s important to stay in front of these increasingly sophisticated threats for your clients to maintain market share and hedge against competitors but it’s nearly impossible to hire and train top talent in the midst of the great resignation.

You deserve a strategic staffing partner that provides certified CyberArk professionals and the knowledge you need to quote, implement, and support CyberArk solutions.

That is what we do!

With an expert partner by your side, you can serve your clients with confidence!

Masada is a cyber security consulting company that delivers turnkey solutions and talent for vendors needing to augment their current offerings with CyberArk privileged account security solutions.

Since 2007, we have helped the largest professional services and consulting firms in the nation deliver CyberArk solutions to top federal government agencies and Fortune 100 companies. We can help you too!

Schedule a call so we can listen and learn more about your high-level needs, current opportunities, and answer any questions you have about Masada.

Next, we’ll define an approach that integrates your brand and delivery methodology with our CyberArk knowledge and expertise to support your clients as a single source vendor partner.

Whether we serve as your current team’s training and support or provide expert technicians, architects, and engineers to serve your clients, we’ve got you covered!

What Our Clients Say About Us

It is very unusual to find a consulting firm with as much industry knowledge as Masada. Their advisory and project execution capabilities are exceptional and rare. – CISO – Pharmaceutical

– Biotech firm

You shouldn’t have to put your engagements at risk when an expert in CyberArk can represent you with innovative solutions.

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